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VMS Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
(Approved by Faculty 7/11/96; revision approved 4/23/98)

1. Introduction

1.1 The faculty of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine have obligations in the areas of teaching and advising, research and other scholarly activities, extension, continuing education, and institutional and professional service.

1.2 Faculty consist of three professorial ranks and instructors. The academic ranks indicate degrees of achievement, responsibility and authority. Promotion and tenure recognizes quality and sustained performance of faculty and not simply achievement of minimum time in rank.

1.3 The awarding of tenure is recognition that the faculty member's performance within the College of Veterinary Medicine merits the continuous employment contract. Tenure traditionally serves to protect faculty from dismissal without substantial cause.

1.4 The Academic Tenure Regulations and the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri as approved by the Board of Curators govern the promotion and tenure process. In preparation of Promotion and Tenure documents, the department Chairs should consult these University regulations and guidelines for detailed procedural and policy information on faculty Promotion and Tenure (See UM - Office of the Provost: Promotion and Tenure at:, 310.020 Regulations Governing Application of Tenure:
) and 320.035 Policy and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure:

2. Criteria

2.1 In general, individual faculty must have served the full probationary period in rank before being recommended for tenure. Probationary periods at each rank are stipulated in the University academic tenure regulations (310.020 Sections D and E). The probationary period may be modified by written agreement in accordance with the tenure regulations of the University of Missouri.
Extension of the probationary period is granted by the Chancellor (see Executive Order No. 26).

2.2 A faculty member being considered for promotion and/or tenure must have demonstrated excellence and sustained performance in teaching, research, and other scholarly activities. Scholarly activities are defined as creative intellectual works judged and accepted by peers and communicated to the academic/scientific community. Scholarly activities must be scrutinized by qualified peers with peer-reviewed publications being the major expected outcome. Quality is the principal consideration in review of these activities. [Refer to 320.035 Policy and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure section B.2. Special Policy Considerations addressing the importance of sustained contributions (320.035 B.2.a) and research and other scholarly contributions (320.035 B.2.b) at:

2.3 Examples of scholarly activities include publication of: hypothesis-driven original research, retrospective or prospective clinical trials; critical analyses of clinical, diagnostic or educational materials; or innovative methodologies impacting the discipline. Other scholarly activities considered in the promotion and tenure process include authoring or editing textbooks or book chapters, serving as peer-selected reviewer for scientific publications or grants, publishing technical writings or illustrations in peer-reviewed journals, and developing, publishing and disseminating computer software pertinent to the discipline.

2.4  Documentation of teaching, research and other scholarly activities should include a summary of student and peer teaching evaluations, teaching awards and honors, quantity and quality of extension activities, summary of research accomplishments and major scholarly works, grants funded, peer-reviewed publications, evaluations from qualified objective external peers, invited presentations and lectures, papers presented at national and international meetings or symposia, published abstracts and proceedings, published textbooks or book chapters, patents obtained, and documented use of innovative materials by other institutions. (See Items for Inclusion in Promotion and Tenure Dossiers (Detailed Listing): from the most current Provost's Call for Promotion and Tenure Recommendations:

2.5 Merely demonstrating competency or satisfying minimum criteria in assigned duties is insufficient to insure promotion and/or tenure.

2.6 Criteria common to all promotion and tenure recommendations are value of the faculty member to both the College and the University and progress toward national and/or international distinction. Attainment of national and/or international distinction is required for promotion to full professor. Value and reputation are determined from documentation of service and administrative activities should strengthen the dossier and further document the value of the faculty member to the College and University. However, outstanding service or administrative contributions without significant contributions in teaching, research, and other scholarly activities are insufficient for recommending promotion and/or tenure.

2.7  Assessment of both the value to the College and University and the attainment of national/international stature is the function of those charged with making recommendations on promotion and tenure.

3. Academic Ranks

3.1 Appointment or promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor is based on potential. Ordinarily, this appointment follows the completion of advanced study. It recognizes a serious scholar, one with potential in activities recognized as functions of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

3.2 Appointment or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor denotes sustained performance as well as potential. The Associate Professor rank ordinarily follows a period of service at the rank of Assistant Professor and is based on peer evaluation of that service. In general, the rank of Associate Professor indicates initiative, independence, cooperation, and willingness to accept responsibility. It is awarded to the Assistant Professor who has demonstrated ability beyond that expected of an Assistant Professor.

3.3 Appointment or promotion to the rank of Professor is reserved for those individuals who have displayed willingness and capacity to assume responsibility for major activity in areas of obligation of the College of Veterinary Medicine. In all but the most unusual circumstances, the rank is awarded only after previous service in the other professorial ranks. It acknowledges that this service has been highly meritorious and implies that this level will continue.


4. Basic Principles

4.1 Procedures formulated by the College of Veterinary Medicine must be consistent with those of the University of Missouri (See University document 320.035 Policy and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure:

4.2 Criteria and procedures used in evaluation of Veterinary College faculty will be established at the College level and will be known to the faculty. The criteria and procedures shall be reviewed periodically by the College Promotion and Tenure Committee.

4.3 Faculty with regular appointments will have a significant role in the establishment and review of the College criteria and procedures.

4.4 Each faculty member who has not earned tenure or the rank of Full Professor shall receive an annual evaluation and discussion of progress toward tenure and/or promotion with the Department Chair.

4.5 A faculty member who believes that there are grounds within the criteria or procedures to challenge a promotion or tenure decision will have the right to a hearing for reconsideration at the same administrative level followed by an appeal to the next level.

5. Departmental Responsibilities

5.1 An extensive mid-probationary review shall be conducted when the period between the initial appointment and mandatory tenure review exceeds four years. For Assistant Professors, the mid-probationary review would occur during the third year. The mid-probationary review will include a formal collection, analysis and sharing of information concerning the faculty's progress toward tenure. The mid-probationary review will be similar to the annual review but will be more comprehensive and include definitive comments from the Chair and the Department Promotion and Tenure Committee as to comments from the Chair and the Department Promotion and Tenure Committee as to (1) progress toward promotion and tenure and, if applicable, (2) deficits that must be corrected to achieve promotion and tenure. Evaluations from external reviewers may be included. This will be part of the ongoing review process whereby probationary faculty receive feedback and guidance from the program director and faculty members.

5.2 Recommendations to promote and recommendations for or against mandatory tenure shall be initiated by the Chair.

5.3 Preparation and completion of the dossier including appropriate documentation is a shared responsibility of the department Chair and the faculty candidate.

5.4 Each department shall elect a Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee which shall review the Chair's recommendations and return to the Chair their written evaluations and recommendations.

5.5 The Chair shall forward to the Dean his/her recommendation to promote and recommendation for or against mandatory tenure, along with recommendation of the Departmental Committee on Promotion and Tenure.

5.6 Faculty members shall be immediately informed by their Chair of the Chair's recommendation and the evaluation and recommendation of the Departmental Committee on Promotion and Tenure.

5.7 Any faculty member who disagrees with the recommendation of his/her Chair and/or Departmental Committee on Promotion and Tenure has the right to a hearing at the departmental level and may appeal these recommendations either to the College Committee on Promotion and Tenure or to the Office of the Dean.

6. College Responsibilities

6.1 Recommendations received from departments shall be reviewed in the Dean's Office and forwarded to the College Committee on Promotion and Tenure, which shall review departmental recommendations according to established Promotion and Tenure Guidelines of the College of Veterinary Medicine and the University and shall return their recommendations to the Dean's Office. The Dean will review all documents and recommendations. The Dean will then prepare an additional recommendation.

6.2 The faculty nominee and his/her department Chair shall be immediately informed by the Dean of the evaluations and recommendations of the Dean and College Committee on Promotion and Tenure.


7. Annual Evaluation of Faculty

7.1 Each department in conjunction with the Dean's Office will establish criteria that set forth the conditions of each academic appointment and thereby the criteria by which a faculty member will be evaluated for promotion and tenure. This information should be made known to the faculty member and retained in his/her file.

7.2 During the course of the academic year, the activities of each faculty member should be documented when possible by placing information in his/her files. This departmental documentation is primarily the responsibility of the faculty member.

7.3 Departments will make an annual evaluation of each faculty member eligible for promotion and tenure based upon criteria as agreed upon in the original letter of appointment or subsequently modified in writing by mutual understanding. The results of the evaluation will be presented to and discussed with the faculty member by the Department Chair at the time of annual review. At this time, modifications may be made in the focus of responsibilities as appropriate to the interests of the faculty member, the Department and the College. Such modifications should be explicit and retained in the faculty member's departmental file.

7.4 The mid-probationary review will be part of the ongoing review process (see 5.1 above).

7.5 The cumulative history thus obtained will be documented and used in the evaluation of a faculty member for tenure and/or promotion.

8. Content of Recommendations for Promotion and Tenure

8.1 While preparing materials for inclusion in candidates' dossiers in response to the annual Call for Promotion and Tenure Recommendations, department Chairs should follow the most current guidelines and format as provided by the Office of the Provost:

8.2 The most current College and University documents pertaining to the promotion and tenure process and to the preparation of candidate dossiers shall be maintained in the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and should be available to all faculty during regular working hours.


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