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The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery is the academic home of the Veterinary Health Center (VHC). Animal owners or veterinarians interested in learning more about the College of Veterinary Medicine should visit their web site. Information about the Veterinary Health Center can be found on their web site.  For academic matters such as faculty research, graduate programs, departmental committees, or matters related to promotion and tenure, continue on this website.

Mission Statement for the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

To develop and disseminate knowledge to improve the health and well-being of animals and people through instruction, innovative research, service and leadership.

Statement of Values


Respect defines every aspect of our approach to departmental missions. Respect not only for ourselves, our co-workers, and the constituents we serve, but also respect for animals. Respect is demonstrated by a commitment to act ethically, to welcome diversity, and to engage in open exchange about ideas and decisions.


We value discovery with the realization that knowledge changes constantly. Only through improved understanding and a dedication to dissemination of knowledge can we fulfill our mission to improve the health and well being of people and animals.


We must demand excellence of each other collectively, and more importantly of ourselves individually. We must not be content with the status quo, but must constantly strive to achieve our best in pursuit of our mission.


Each department member shares responsibility for creating a working environment which fosters the values of respect, discovery, and excellence in pursuit of our departmental missions. Being responsible requires us to be thoughtful stewards of resources—accountable to ourselves, each other, and the public we serve.



University of Missouri Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery